Toilet Tips for Updating

Buying a toilet isn’t as much fun as buying sassy spring sandals but a necessity! There’s more to know about toilets than meets the…well, you get it.  Find the right flush for your bathroom with my toilet tips.

Porcher Archive

The Porcher Archive 1-piece toilet is pretty & WaterSense labeled. Porcher is an American Standard brand.

A one piece toilet is sleeker, easier to clean and has fewer places for yuck to live. Two piece toilets are economical, easy to install and the bowl or tank can be replaced.

Toilet height is measured from floor to rim. Standard is 14-inches; chair height is 16 to 17-inches and ADA compliant. There’s even a 10-inch model perfect for potty training.

Round, compact elongated or elongated…oh my! Small powder rooms may only have space for a round or compact model that extends about 27 ½-inches. Elongated are the most popular extending 29 ½-inches.

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Right Height Elongated

American Standard Dual Flush, Right Height, Elongated

The EPA WaterSense folks say older toilets use 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush (gpf). Geez! That’s a lot! The government says the max flush can’t be more than 1.6 gpf. A WaterSense labeled toilet uses 1.28 gpf and can save a family of four more than $90 a year on their water bill. There’s also a dual flusher with a partial and full flush that uses as little as 1.0 gpf.

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush buttons

American Standard H2Option Dual Flush buttons

Other stuff that divas typically don’t care about…The flush valve is inside the tank. A large opening allows the water to pass through faster for a quick flush. Valve sizes are 2-inch, 3-inch or the mack-daddy, 4-inch. Next, the toilet outlet is the gateway to the sewer and bigger is better. Sizes include: 2-inch, 2 1/8-inch and 2 3/8-inch.

If toilet trivia has your brain spinnin’, drop by a Modern Supply kitchen and bath showroom and talk toilets with my plumbing peeps and…

American Standard Champion 4 Right Height, Elongated

American Standard Champion 4 with a 2 3/8” trapway & 4” flush valve virtually eliminates clogs.

Tell ‘em Millie sent you!Millie

Titan Pro Right Height Elongated Triangle Toilet

A potty for every space!

From Condemned to Restored

Modern Supply help owners to bring a historic home back to life.

It takes passion to oversee a condemned, partially burnt house transformed back into a work of art. That’s what drove five neighbors including Lauren Rider, Lawrence Eaton and Ernie Roberts to purchase and restore an 1895 Queen Anne cottage in Historic Old North Knoxville.

Cornelia Project Before

Historic Queen Anne cottage condemned

The partners were not renovation rookies as all had tackled their own homes. They formed Old North Restorations, LLC and purchased a blighted property at 1417 Cornelia Street known as the Cornelia Project.

In 2010, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported on the problems of blighted homes in Knoxville of which the Cornelia property was featured. A follow up story on the Cornelia purchase and renovation caught the attention of a national cable home improvement channel.  The whirlwind escalated as renovation filming began.

Cornelia Project After

The Cornelia historic home renovation complete

Modern Supply was contacted about helping with kitchen and bath products. “We’re excited to be a part of the Cornelia Project,” states Pace Robinson, Modern Supply CEO. “It’s great to see people taking action in their community and preserving a piece of history.”

Working with Lauren and team, Armstrong Cabinetry was selected for the kitchen. Debbie Johnson, Modern Supply Sales Manager, refined the kitchen design adding an island, two glass doors and varied cabinet heights for an upscale look.

Cornelia kitchen completed

Armstrong cabinets in expresso, Armstrong knobs & pulls, granite tops & dazzling pendant showcase the kitchen.

“Selecting kitchen cabinetry was a major decision with several parameters to work around,” explains Rider. “We wanted to maintain the period of the house but add a contemporary touch. Of course, budget was a consideration as well as the delivery time. Debbie made suggestions, improved our design and included an island which was a plus.”

Deciding on lighting, plumbing and a water heater from American Water Heater was next. To save time and maximize budget, the Cornelia owners chose in-stock lighting and plumbing fixtures or selected items that could meet their delivery dates. Adding another twist, the Cornelia team elected to pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and EnergyStar certified construction meaning aspects of the house must be energy efficient and sustainable.

Cornelia Project Chandelier

The dining room chandelier complements the kitchen pendant.

Modern Supply and the HVAC contractor worked together to provide a RHEEM heating and cooling system that met LEED specifications.

After months of dirty, hard work and sleepless nights, the project is coming to an end. You can almost see the house smile knowing that it’s loved again. The house is under contract and nearing completion. Ask if they would do it again, Rider replies, “Probably.”

Cornelia Project WaterSense bath

The upstairs bath features WaterSense American Standard toilet & Delta fixtures.

Cornelia Project Mud Room Cabinet

Mud room cabinetry has cubbies for shoes & mail.

Cornelia Project transom stained glass

Stained glass adds charm to the historical door’s transom.

Shower Design Trends

Happy National Kitchen and Bath month!! As an EPA WaterSense Partner, Modern Supply is tickled pink to participate in their water efficient bathroom mini-makeover promo. Nothing like a good make-over!

EPA WaterSense Partner

Yikes, those gov guys can provide some shocking numbers! Did you know that every American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day? About 17 percent is from showering. Here’s what my design peeps are seeing in shower design trends.

Folks are opting to remain in their present home and update. They’re also thinking “down-the-road” and what they’ll need to comfortably age in place but still have their dream shower today. Larger showers with all the perks are hot…and the sky’s the limit!

American Standard FloWise Water Saving HS

Spa-like showers are a retreat from daily stress. You can have a drenching water experience with water-saving overhead showerheads, handheld shower and body sprays without sacrificing performance. Next up? Digital products to control water warm-up modes and temperatures.

Showers are easy to access—no matter your age.  Depending on your needs, accessories can be added such as benches, shelves and grab bars. Shower enclosures are chic again with lots of styles and funky configurations to fit most any design. Clear glass doors open up a space making it appear larger.

Custom Shower

A stylin’ custom shower using Delta products

Imagine your dream shower and visit our showroom to see some of our terrific options. Our design consultants will be de-lighted to help!