Tips on Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Ever think how much you use your kitchen sink? Probably a bunch! If you’re planning to remodel, build or replace a tired, dated sink, take a glimpse at these tips. Sink prices vary—buy quality and it will last for years.

Porcher London Farm sink

Apron-front or farmhouse sinks add to a cottage look.

Size & Configurations: Tons of styles. Max basin depth is nine inches but seven to eight is the norm. Double sinks are the most popular.  Oodles of choices in basin size, depth and shapes.  Snazzy corner and three basin models often fit-the-bill for a funky space. Farm or apron sinks look fab and are super for washing large pots.

Finishes: More choices than I have shoes…almost! Stainless remains hot. Others include cast iron, vitreous china, composite granite or quartz, copper, brass, fireclay and solid surface (sink and countertop are one piece). FYI—the lower the stainless gauge number, the thicker which helps reduce scratching & noise.

Installation: Drop-in sinks are used with any counter surface. Undermounted sinks work with all surfaces except laminate.

Dual basin stainless sink

Double basin sinks are available in lots of configurations.

Accessories: You know glam accessories enhance everything! Drainers, racks, colanders, cutting boards and scrubber drain holders that dock to the side are all cool features.

Elkay Docking sink

Sink accessories range from cutting boards, colanders & in-sink holders.

BTW…If replacing a sink, make sure the depth will not interfere with existing plumbing and disposal unit. Also, that the counter top hole is the same size and faucet holes are in the correct position. Yikes! Modern Supply’s consultants know this stuff and are ready to help. Come on by…..

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