Tips on Selecting a Kitchen Sink

Ever think how much you use your kitchen sink? Probably a bunch! If you’re planning to remodel, build or replace a tired, dated sink, take a glimpse at these tips. Sink prices vary—buy quality and it will last for years.

Porcher London Farm sink

Apron-front or farmhouse sinks add to a cottage look.

Size & Configurations: Tons of styles. Max basin depth is nine inches but seven to eight is the norm. Double sinks are the most popular.  Oodles of choices in basin size, depth and shapes.  Snazzy corner and three basin models often fit-the-bill for a funky space. Farm or apron sinks look fab and are super for washing large pots.

Finishes: More choices than I have shoes…almost! Stainless remains hot. Others include cast iron, vitreous china, composite granite or quartz, copper, brass, fireclay and solid surface (sink and countertop are one piece). FYI—the lower the stainless gauge number, the thicker which helps reduce scratching & noise.

Installation: Drop-in sinks are used with any counter surface. Undermounted sinks work with all surfaces except laminate.

Dual basin stainless sink

Double basin sinks are available in lots of configurations.

Accessories: You know glam accessories enhance everything! Drainers, racks, colanders, cutting boards and scrubber drain holders that dock to the side are all cool features.

Elkay Docking sink

Sink accessories range from cutting boards, colanders & in-sink holders.

BTW…If replacing a sink, make sure the depth will not interfere with existing plumbing and disposal unit. Also, that the counter top hole is the same size and faucet holes are in the correct position. Yikes! Modern Supply’s consultants know this stuff and are ready to help. Come on by…..

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Patience — the Key to Remodeling

Modern Supply Client Spotlight

If you’re planning a remodeling project, patience is key. Remodeling can be stressful and full of surprises. Focusing on your completed vision makes it all worthwhile. Modern Supply’s clients, Pete & Hiral Lloyd-Jones, can testify to the challenges of living through a kitchen remodeling project.

The Lloyd-Jones’ 1970’s kitchen needed an update−especially the dated appliances. The project evolved from updating appliances to a complete remodel when they discovered the built-in oven size was no longer available.

Hiral commented, “I had a vision of my dream kitchen.” She considered their lifestyle, likes and dislikes of the existing kitchen, budget and future resell value when developing her design.  After doing on-line research and talking with Modern Supply’s designer, Debbie Johnson, design objectives included:

– Lighten the kitchen
– Mix a cozy, county style with contemporary elements
– Create a warm, earthy feel
– Improve space functionality
– Maximize budget by doing some work themselves

Country kitchen remodel

A mix of country & contemporary for a cozy kitchen feel.

Cabinetry is a kitchen’s focal point and the foundation of a remodel. “I was tired of dark wood and paint. I wanted a lighter finish, to add color and incorporate unique elements,” Hiral said.  A maple wood finished in vanilla cream with a caramel glaze detailing was perfect. For a cozy earthy touch, a second finish of mossy green was incorporated. Granite countertops in peacock green—a dark, rich color—pulled the two finishes together. A backsplash of white subway tiles with dark green accents continued to complement the cabinetry and granite.

StarMark Mossy Green cabinet

The open doors & shelving adds a unique touch.

Earthy, brown slate flooring complete with a cable heating system complements the overall design while increasing winter comfort. Lighting included a mix of new recessed and pendants. Oil rubbed bronze pendant lights inserted a classic touch.

Pete & Hiral share advice for homeowners considering a remodeling project. “The best advice is to have patience,” Hiral says. “A remodel doesn’t happen overnight and can be stressful for everyone. Be prepared for dust—it was everywhere. Expect the unexpected. You don’t know what lies behind the wall or under the flooring. Also, purchase the best quality cabinetry your budget will allow. Features like dovetail joints make a difference.”

Porcher Farm Sink

Lovin’ this Porcher Farm Sink!

Pete adds, “If you’re trying to stretch the budget, choose the projects you undertake carefully. Make sure you’re up for the task. We removed the old tile, painted and laid the heating cables ourselves. I also sold our old cabinetry on-line.”

Would they do anything differently? Hiral states, “I

Kitchen remodel with Pete & Hiral Lloyd-Jones

View HGTV videos on the Lloyd-Jones’ kitchen remodel

love all of my choices and would not change anything. We enjoy the kitchen and spend more time in it. It’s rewarding to see our friends reaction when they see the kitchen for the first time.” did a series of 4 videos with the home owners & Modern Supply. View videos