Hydrotherapy…the Ultimate Bathing Experience

After a long hectic day, nothing soothes my soul like a long, luxurious bath. Ahh…soak away the tension. There’s some super-smart science behind hydrotherapy so here’s some info to help you decide what’s right for you.

Millie tub

Ahhh…Relax in a soaker, whirlpool or air tub

Hydrotherapy benefits the four important nerve receptors in our bods—contact, temperature, light-touch and pressure. Each sends messages to your brain that stimulate physical reactions. If you’re dreamin’ of a spa tub, you have hydrotherapy options!

Aquatic's Serenity 23 soaker or air

Aquatic’s Serenity 23 red glamour soaker or air tub

Soaking hydrotherapy invigorates your skin promoting relaxation, stress relief, natural cardiovascular exercise and increased circulation

Heat hydrotherapy opens pores, improves circulation and soothes tired muscles and joints. Oh yeah!

Air Bath hydrotherapy stimulates with a fingertip-like massage from head to toe.

Whirlpool hydrotherapy is more vigorous and relieves tight and stressed muscles while promoting tissue rejuvenation and joint flexibility.

Jason Designer Collection

From Jason International’s Designer Collection available with MicroSilk.

MicroSilk hydrotherapy rejuvenates, moisturizes and plumps the skin, leaving it silky and younger looking with fewer lines and creases. Billions of oxygen filled micro-bubbles energize cells, kill bacteria and promote feelings of well-being. The ultimate opulence!

You can have it all! It’s a woman’s prerogative to change our minds. A combo tub with multiple hydrotherapy features is perfect. It helps adjust my attitude. 🙂

Oh, and accessories! Gotta’ have those. Color impacts your mood so add LED chromatherapy. Turn on the green light and create peace & harmony. There are also units with sound and aromatheraphy. I’m more tranquil just talkin’ about it!


Chromatherapy: soothing colors for added relaxation

Square, corner, oval, rectangular, free-standing or built-in, Modern Supply has a spa tub to suit everyone. Stop by—we’d be tickled to help you find the perfect fit! Oh yeah….tell ‘em Millie sent you!

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