The Three Types of Lighting

Tips for Lighting Your Home

Lighting is important in any space—it creates mood, ambiance and pizazz. Updating tired, drab lighting fixtures – or just the globes or shades – can spruce up your space with a snazzy new look and doesn’t have to cost big bucks.

Ambient lighting

Chandeliers add beauty & ambient lighting.

Lighting should reflect your lifestyle and how you use the space. The three basic types to consider are ambient (general lighting), task, & accent.

Ambient, or general lighting, provides overall area illumination and is a must-have for a good lighting plan. It should provide brightness without glare. You gotta’ be able to see to walk around safely in your stilettos or flops! Chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lighting are good choices for ambient light.

Task Lighting helps you to perform specific tasks such as applying flawless make-up. It needs to be free of glare and shadows but bright enough to nip eye strain. Pendant, under cabinet, floor and table lamps are excellent for task lighting.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lights add a pop of color & task lighting.

Accent lighting is a design touch that adds drama by drawing the eye to your sazzytreasures. Artwork, sculptures or wall textures pop with accent lighting. Accent lighting should have at least three times the light as the general surrounding light.

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