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Good stuff from 2012 news archives.

 Millie's social media  West Side Shopper Dec. 2012
•Go Tankless…Water Heating so Advanced It’s Simple!
• It’s Tiime for a Little Reindeer JuiceWest Side Shopper Nov. 2012
• Budget Friendly Cabinets
• Buy American Made SinksWest Side Shopper Oct. 2012
• Part Visionary, Part Realist – a kitchen & bath remodel
• Chillin’ with your home beverage centerWest Side Shopper Sept. 2012
• Appliance Color Trends
White is making a comeback!
• Storage products for everything! 

West Side Shopper Aug. 2012
• From Tots to Teens – Home products design for kids
• Storage products for everything!

West Side Shopper July 2012
• Fountain of Youth Discoverd in TN
• Hydrotherapy…the ultimate bathing experience

 West Side Shopper June 2012
• A Kitchen Remodel – Before & After
• Cabinetry Color Go Beyond BrownWest Side Shopper March 2012
• Kitchen Island Trends
• Kitchen Island Lighting TipsWest Side Shopper April 2012
• All that’s Old can Be New Again
at Modern Supply
• Bathroom Furniture TrendsWest Side Shopper March 2012
• Save Water, Save $$$
• Toilet Tips for UpdatingWest Side Shopper Feb. 2012
• Happy Valentine’s Day!
• Affordable Bathroom UpdatesWest Side Shopper Jan. 2012
• A Place to Call Home
• Adding the Extra Pizazz to Cabinetry