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You can’t get away from the clean-up, so make it a clean get-away.  View EnergyStar dishwashers, trash compactors and food waste disposals that simplify kitchen clean-up at Modern Supply’s kitchen showrooms in Knoxville or Johnson City, Tennessee.

EnergyStar® rated dishwashers with high performance technology save time, water and energy. Double drawer models quietly run full loads or small ones. Removable compartments make load and unload easier. Steam, pre-wash features, and targeted sprays soak, scour and scrub.

Trash compactors can reduce your garbage volume by 75% and feature hidden controls and designer lines.

Food waste disposals are quite, durable, convenient and environmentally friendly. Some garbage disposal models will even grind chicken bones.  Did you know that food waste in landfills decompose and produce harmful methane gas? Learn more about food disposals green advantages.

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