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Buy American Made Sinks!

Hip Hip Hooray for American made Elkay Manufacturing! Elkay filed petitions that initiated an investigation by the United States Department of Commerce against Chinese imported stainless steel sinks that were selling from 54.25 percent to 76.53 percent of the U.S. sales price. Yikes! It’s hard to compete against cheap!

ELKAY e-dock sink

Elkay’s e-dock sink with magnetic holders

The U.S. Commerce folk’s preliminary decision in September 2012, requires Chinese competitors to pay cash deposits on stainless steel sinks imported into the U.S. Amounts range from 50.28 to 76.15 percent of the customs value of the imports.

Elkay accessory sink

Elkay’s accessory sink

This is a gi-normous win! This ruling helps to protect U.S. jobs. Elkay is America’s number one selling stainless steel sink company with 3500 U.S employees.

Most of these Chinese sinks are cheapo’s made of a grade of stainless steel inferior to Elkay’s. The lower the stainless gauge number, the thicker, which helps reduce scratching & noise. The ‘ol “pay for what ya get” rule is dead-on here!

Elkay Slim Rim

Elkay’s Slim Rim is great for replacing old sinks

This Fed ruling will make the imports more in-line with American-made pricing. Before you go shellin’ out your hard earned bucks on a swanky new stainless sink, ask where it’s made. Buy American made and let the bucks stop here!

Shop by Modern Supply’s Lovell Road showroom and take a peek at Elkay sinks. They have fab sinks in every shape, size and configuration. My design sistas will be tickled pink to help.

Read the complete Elkay Press Release.Modern's Millie Signature color

Modern Supply Wins Industry Marketing Award

Out-of-the-Box Marketing Concepts Appeal to Retail Consumers

Modern Supply Company, a kitchen, bath, lighting and HVAC distributor, has been selected as the winner for WIT & Company’s WHAM (WIT Honors Achievements in Marketing) marketing award in the E-marketing & Web Campaigns category for their blog, Kitchen and Bath Blab. The blog continues to brand Modern’s Millie as their virtual spokesperson sharing design trends and product information. WIT is a national member-owned organization of approximately one hundred independent plumbing, heating and cooling wholesale distributors.

Modern Supply Marketing Award

WIT Marketing Award – Pace Robinson, Modern Supply CEO (left) with Morris Cregger, WIT President

“We’re very pleased to have won the WHAM
e-marketing award for our blog and to be recognized among our peers,” states Pace Robinson, Modern Supply CEO. “The blog was created to help expand our consumer reach and awareness for Modern’s Millie, our fictional spokesperson. The blog was the next step in our social media initiative.”

“Modern Supply definitely deserved to win the e-marketing award,” Sabrina Hawthorne, WIT Marketing Coordinator, comments. “Their branding strategy is unique and creative…for this industry and overall.  When they introduced Modern’s Millie to their market, they successfully implemented several out-of-the-box endeavors including their Kitchen and Bath Blab blog.  Congratulations, Modern Supply!”

The announcement was made at WIT’s 2012 Fall Networking Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

For updates – including product news and current trends – visit Modern Supply’s website, as well as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.