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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Sometimes it’s the little extras that simplify life and free-up more fun time. Sounds crazy, but adding convenient storage features to existing cabinets—pull-out shelves, drawer organizers and appliance lifts—saves time, maximizes storage, and saves your knees. No more diggin’ through a bottom cabinet. Here a few of my favs!

Blind corner cabinets are the worst organized in the kitchen. You know, they’re the cave-like cabinet where you store the juicer you never use. Now, there’s a variety of swing-out shelving units made just for blind cabinets. Useful space…how smart is that?

StarMark Kitchen Storage

Easy to access kitchen storage from StarMark Cabinetry.

StarMark Towel Storage

StarMark’s towel storage can be designed into your new cabinets with in as little of 3″ of space!

Where do you hang your damp kitchen towels? Oh no, don’t say over the stove or dishwasher handle! A pull-out towel hanger mounted in a base cabinet is easy to install and looks sooo much more upscale!

Make recycling handy with a base cabinet slide-out that holds one to four bins. There’s also really cool germ resistant microfiber pull-out bag with handles—just lift and you’re off to the recycling center.

Armstrong Cabinets drawer ironing board

Ironing board folds up neatly in a drawer. Photo from Armstrong Cabinets.

For those of us that are anti-wrinkle ironing freaks, a wall mounted ironing board is the berries! It quickly drops down and even swivels! Presto, you’re looking snazzy and on your way in a snap.

KraftMaid's Core Guard

KraftMaid’s Core Guard protects your cabinetry from spills & leaks.

Ever had a water leak under your sink? OMG! It can turn costly in a snap. Under sink drip trays are designed to protect the bottom of your cabinet by holding water. This is an inexpensive way to potentially save big bucks!

Recycle center from StarMark

Recycle center from StarMark Cabinets.

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