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Bathroom Furniture Trends

KraftMaid Bath

Design for your space with semi-custom cabinetry from KraftMaid.

The custom cabinetry folks provide the widest choices in size, wood, finishes and cool storage features. Pull-outs designed specifically for hair dryers, curling irons and make-up is a diva dream!  Snazzy touches like crown molding, glass doors, decorative cabinetry legs and specialty towel cubes add a timeless touch. The sky’s the limit on customizing!

Starmark Makeup drawer

Hide bathroom clutter with storage options from Starmark Cabinetry.

Vanities and matching bath furnishings are hot, hot, hot! Available in pre-determined sizes, these spa-like pieces create an uncluttered, streamlined look. They’re ideal for a powder room! There’s flexibility in sink choices too—a one piece countertop with an integrated sink or a jazzy vessel sink can complete the look. Towel towers, wall cabinets and mirrors add extra storage and are super cute.

My stars! Did you ever think medicine cabinets would make a come-back? They’re not just an old, squeaky metal cabinet anymore. Stunning wooden medicine and overjohn cabinets complement vanities and provide extra storage. A fab piece for a small area!

AMSt tropic vanity & mirrors

Wall hung vanities & matching mirrors from American Standard’s Tropic collection.

Take your bathroom from drab to glam! Drop by Modern Supply and let our top-notch designers show you what dream baths are made of.

Modern's Millie Signature color

Ronbow Vanity

Stunning double vanity & matching mirror from Ronbow.

Vessel Sink Vanity

American Standard’s Cambridge vessel sink vanity.

Yosemite Blue Vanity

Add a splash of color with this Yosemite vanity.

Ronbow Bordeaux Vintage

Traditional style vanity & matching cabinet from Ronbow

All that’s old can be new again

 Before & after photos of a bathroom remodel
 There are lots of old things we’re fond of: old friends, old movies, old songs. But old bathrooms? Not so much.

Mostly, old bathrooms are ugly to look at and downright inconvenient—especially when compared to the many gorgeous designs and state-of-the-art cabinets, vanities, and fixtures available at Modern Supply, just off Lovell Road.

You may live in a mid-century subdivision home, a turn-of-the century Victorian or even an older structure whose charm and character you want to preserve, but here’s betting that sense of historic preservation doesn’t apply to the bathrooms.

70's style vanity

Before: 70’s style vanity, mirror & hardware

After: Stylish vanity in neutral color palette

After: Stylish vanity in neutral color palette

In a recent remodel of a local 70’s bathroom, Modern Supply design consultant, Sherry Williams, helped the homeowner select products to transform a small master bath into an updated and more efficient space. Starting with a neutral palette, an Armstrong cabinet, with ample storage, was selected and topped with a cultured marble sink and counter top.


Delta’s Linden faucet in Venetian Bronze

Delta’s Linden faucet in Venetian bronze complements the marble counter top and is an environmentally-friendly WaterSense labeled product. Towel bars and a tissue holder from Liberty Hardware are finished in oil rubbed bronze and coordinate with the faucet. A pretty vanity light from Minka-Lavery was hung over the stylish round mirror.

The owners choose to replace the tub with a large tiled shower complete with bench and shelves—a better choice for the home owner’s lifestyle. A Basco glass shower door keeps the small space open and airy and features a towel bar.

Before: beige tile with a pinkish tone

Before: beige tile with a pinkish tone

AFter: A spacious tiled shower

AFter: A spacious tiled shower


A new comfort height elongated toilet was installed.  It featured a powerful but quiet 1.6 gallons per flush performance which is a considerable water-savings over the old model.


Delta’s Linden hand-held showerhead with In2ition technology

From updating a showerhead to a full bath renovation, Modern Supply can help you with an array of water-saving plumbing, vanities, sinks and accessories that can make your bathroom sparkle! Check ’em out!

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your AC

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz….remember that childhood poem? Spring is my fav time of the year. Everything is coming alive – fresh & new – and a needed dose of natural vitamin D!

Knoxville, TN Allergy Capital

Knoxville, TN ranks #1 as the U.S. allergy capital.

As much as I love spring, it brings a lot of sneezin’ and wheezin’. My home, Knoxville, Tennessee, is ranked the number one most challenging city to live in if you have allergies according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation’s 2012 ranking. Red, itchy eyes are not becoming to a fashionista.

My heating and air peeps at Modern Supply have a suggestion on fighting pollen and improving overall home air quality. Changing your HVAC air filters is a must-do! They should be changed every month. A dirty filter makes your system work harder and can potentially cause system problems. Yikes, air conditioner don’t fail me now!

Spring maintenance for your air system

Spring maintence for your air system helps to prevent break-downs.

Here’s a shocking statistic. EPA studies show that even in the smoggiest cities, the air inside most homes is usually at least ten times more polluted than the air outside. OMG how can this be?!

Energy efficient homes today are built as air-tight as possible. Super-duper for lower energy costs but traps airborne pollutants and bad guys such viruses, dust, dust mites, mold and mildew. These nasties are killin’ me!

Time to bring in the big guns!

Rheem HVAC logo

Rheem, residential & commercial heating & air experts.

There’s lotsa help to clear the air! Rheem Team germ fighters offer a line of indoor air quality products. It’s a dizzying list of stuff that can be added when installing or updating a Rheem system or other brands.

So don’t let your mascara run this season. Contact a Rheem contractor to do a spring air conditioning inspection and ask how to best improve your air quality. Don’t know one? You can find one through Rheem’s dealer locator.

And tell them….Millie sent you!

Modern's Millie Signature color