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Affordable Bathroom Updates

Delta bath accessories & matching faucet

Matching accessories & faucet from Delta.

Accessories in dated finishes, like the 80’s shiny gold brass, can date a room. Replacing tissue holders, towel bars, soap dispensers and even robe hooks can bring your room back into the current decade. Oodles of choices often coordinating with stylin’ new faucets which probably need replacing too!

KraftMaid Shaker contemporary hardware

KraftMaid Shaker style cabinets with contemporary hardware.

Cabinetry hardware can date cabinets faster than an eighties hairdo! Super easy to replace and can totally change the look of the room. Presto! From traditional to contemporary, in a flash! Don’t be afraid to mix styles for an eclectic look.

Mr. Steam Towel Warmer

A Mr. Steam towel warmer adds a spa-like touch.

OMG! How awesome is it to have a warm towel to wrap up in after a bath? Wall mounted and freestanding floor towel warmers are available with cords so you don’t have to deal with electrical changes. Some come with an aromatherapy oil well. Ohh-la-la…such indulgence!

Vanity lights

Updating vanity lights & mirrors can give your bath a fresh look.

Nothing screams OUTDATED faster that than an old vanity light bar and glued-on mirrors. Replacing these will dramatically change the look of your bathroom. There are sooo many gorgeous vanity lights available that won’t break the bank! And mirrors that add pizazz…in all shapes, colors and sizes. You might consider a mirrored medicine cabinet. They’ve come a long way, baby!

Goodness, so many choices…so little time! Stop by Modern Supply’s showroom and see tons of great ways to spruce up your bath and…

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