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Tips on Choosing Kitchen Paint Colors

Hot and spicy or warm and delish? What’s your fav kitchen color? There are zillions of paint colors and paint is your easiest decorating tool.

Pain colors

Paint color reflects your style.

Bunches of super smart folks study the psychology of color and how it affects us. Color sways mood, our appetite and energy levels. It’s one of the first things you notice and pulls together furniture, accessories and cabinetry.

What ambiance fits your style? Relaxing, energizing or sassy? Trendy or timeless? Start by building around the color and style of cabinetry, countertops, flooring and appliance finish.

2011 kitchen paint trends lean toward shades of gray, yellow, red, blue and purple. Takes SASS to go with shades of purple!  A dark plum is a good choice for the less feisty.

StarMark Nutmeg-gold paint

Golden tones & nutmeg cabinets create a cozy feel.

Grays are totally flexible and create a super sleek, contemporary look, industrial flair or a calm, timeless look. Like a beloved pair of black slacks, gray jives with everything!

Reds are always vogue and a powerful color that shouts-out energy, passion and stimulates the appetite. There are oodles of red shades.

Yellow is cheery and a great choice for small spaces or areas needing reflective light. Gold tones create a rich, warm Tuscan feel. Chianti anyone?

Blue is America’s fav color and essentially timeless. Shades of blue come and go. Goodbye country blue and mauve; may you never return!  The color of the sky and sea, blue suggests a feeling of spaciousness, height and depth.

StarMark Cappuccino-bright green

A bright cheery green adds a contemporary touch.

Green, ah, the color of nature. Green is a soothing color great for an earthy, shabby chic or touch of country feel. Lime greens and brighter shades add p’zazz!

White and Black – nuthin’ to be said here. They totally go with everything!

Select washable paint that stands up to water splashes, grease, stains and kitchen yuch. Remember, paint is like a bad haircut; it can always be changed! 

 Happy painting!
Black & White Kitchen

Classic beauty of black & white

Kitchen Remodel? Start Here!

StarMark Mix of Cherry with White Island

Add pizazz by mixing cabinetry finishes like cherry cabinets with a white island from StarMark.

Have you been dreaming about a new kitchen and now you’re ready to take the plunge? Congrats! A kitchen remodel is the improvement project that increases your home’s value the most.

Where, oh where, do you start? Here are a couple of tips.

* Establish a budget
* Make a list of your top must-haves
* Clip photos of things you like

Got it together? Now it’s time to see an expert…that would be me or one of my Modern Supply design peeps. We can help:

KraftMaid Maple Cardinal Red

Urban chic maple cabinets in a bold cardinal red from KraftMaid.

* Define your space
* Explain your options
* Select the right products
* Help with details
* Measure your space
* Design your kitchen
* Suggest alternative design options
* Work within your budget
* Coordinate delivery with contractor

Presto! Your glam-tastic kitchen is installed and ready for years of enjoyment. So DSOBT (don’t stress out big time) over your kitchen remodel! Come on in and…

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